The accounting office provides for the deposit and recording of all revenue and the disbursement/payment for all agency bills.  They have two bookkeepers in addition to the CFO who work diligently to maintain The Arc of the Emerald Coasts’ high standards of internal control.  Monthly financial statements are provided to the Board of Directors and the CEO.  The Arc of the Emerald Coast also has an external audit performed by a CPA firm and has received an unqualified opinion for the past 10 years.  In addition to the agency records, the office is responsible for the Social Security funds for over 45 clients as their representative payee.  The client funds are audited by the Social Security Administration annually. Approximately 6 years ago, The Arc of the Emerald Coast moved to an electronic timekeeping system agency-wide that has helped the payroll process become much more manageable by providing real-time information on job staffing, potential overtime and, most importantly, alerts when a job is not staffed.

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