Adults with disabilities live in homes in neighborhoods with other adults and function as a family. Our homes are licensed by the Agency for Persons with Disabilities. Each group home has an on-site manager and staff around the clock to meet the needs of our residents. The goals are always to train for maximum independence through daily living activities, personal hygiene performance, medication administration, social activities, and rights with responsibilities. Currently, Horizons is licensed to operate four group homes and one foster home. Two group homes are licensed for eight residents each, one is licensed for six residents, one is licensed for five residents, and one is licensed for four residents. Group Home managers are on-call 24 hours a day for emergency situations.

Residential Habilitation provides supervision and specific training activities that assist the recipient to acquire, maintain, or improve skills related to activities of daily living in a manner that individuals with disabilities can understand and implement in their daily lives.  This service is intended to provide training and support to enable a person to live in the community.  Residential Habilitation is based on promoting knowledge and independence through training on skills such as personal hygiene, grooming, dressing, medical treatment and medication administration, household chores and laundry, meal planning and preparation, shopping and personal finances, recreational activities, social skills, and adaptive development.  Residential Habilitation also assists individuals with transportation to/from their daily activities.

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